”You cannot create the future by clinging to the past" - Unknown

 Some would say that we put too much emphasis on technology in today's society, but, technology enables and empowers us in retaining and re-experiencing important or significant milestones. Most stage performances take weeks, months, even years to produce, and are usually seen by relatively few people and for a limited period of time. The beauty of creating dance for camera instead of the stage is that it preserves the work so it can be distributed and viewed by a global audience for many years to come.

Film provides a vehicle for creative expression which is not possible on the stage alone. It gives the artist the ability to determine the perspective, the lens through which the audience views the work. By incorporating any combination of music, lights, costumes, and location with dance and today's technology, a new form of dance is created -- a form that represents an evolution in choreography, performance, and dance production. In essence, dance for camera becomes limitless in the possibilities for creative integration of multiple art forms.

Our main goal is to give undergraduate and graduate students an outlet for sharing with the world their choreographic visions of dance on camera.